Scientific publications be performed in accordance with the requirements

A specialized academic council accepts a doctoral or another dissertation for defense only if there are a certain number of publications that must be performed in accordance with the requirements.

Publications should be placed in journals or collections throughout the time of the dissertation, and not at the last moment. When part (s) of the dissertation are prepared (dissertation research), one or two articles are written on them. It is recommended to place scientific articles not only in one city, but also by region. For a specialized academic council, the geography of publishing dissertations is important.

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The scientific value of the thesis is determined by the number of relevant articles (publications) on the research topic. Also, the attitude of members of specialized councils to a graduate student (applicant) depends on the number of publications. The number of publications should exceed the established minimum number – PhD thesis (about 3 articles) and for a doctoral dissertation (about 20 articles).

The dissertation is allowed to defend not earlier than 1 month after the publication of the last article, that is, all publications must be published before the thesis is accepted for defense. Articles of applicants (applicants) of scientific degrees should be published no more than one single author in one issue. In the case of performing a comprehensive dissertation research as part of a doctoral dissertation, online services perform a manuscript of dissertation research, prepare and publish a monograph, a set of reviews for it, prepare and post articles and abstracts for conferences, provide necessary reviews and reviews for the dissertation and abstracts.

The term of the doctoral dissertation research in the complex is at least 2 years. In practice, this period is on average from 2 to 3 years, but if necessary, under certain conditions, this period can be reduced in the context of real accelerated implementation. That’s why to agree dissertation writing prices is so important.

All materials, sources and literature that is used in writing dissertation research, monographs, articles and abstracts are stored in the company’s archives and can be provided to the customer, upon request, for reconciliation of the source study database for text elements borrowed, as well as immediately before the preliminary procedures and basic dissertation defense.

An important condition for the work of the authors is the full implementation of the remarks of the supervisor or consultant in the process of research, the performance of comments from reviewers and opponents after prior protection at the department, as well as expert comments after a preliminary review at a meeting of the specialized scientific council and all essential interim comments of the customer. To find appropriate authors for you just type “dissertation writing services near me” and that’s it.